Work Permit, Licensing & Community Service

Driver’s Ed & Licensing

The MVA requires students aged 15 who are taking Driver’s Ed, to have a form signed by the FSP Administrator indicating the student has had less than ten (10) days of absences from their “home school.”  Parents fill out the top portion of this form; the FSP Administrator fills out the bottom portion, signs and affixes the FSP seal at the bottom of the form.  The seal also needs to be affixed to the back seal of the envelope.  These forms are available at the FSP office.

Work Permits

A minor under the age of 18, wishing to work, is required by law to obtain a work permit.
Download the form at the Maryland Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation website .
The first box that appears on the website is called TEEN. Click on this link to view a work permit, download, and print. Students will need to :

  1. Print a hard copy of the work permit for your employer to fill out
  2. Complete the “To the Minor” section
  3. Parents/guardians – review the application, sign and date the application
  4. Have the employer complete and sign the “To the Employer” section
  5. Bring to the FSP Administrator with the following information
    1. Student’s birth certificate as proof of age, and SSN card
    2. Valid MD driver’s license, or some form of ID. For $15, you can get a picture ID at the MVA (you must produce an original of the Student’s social security number)
    3. Work permit from issuing employer
    4. School records – transcript

The FSP Issuing Officer/Administrator authorized to issue work permits will:

  1. Verify student’s age
  2. Verify that the data on the online application matches the data on the hard copy
  3. Verify that the listed type of work is permissible
    (see website for list of not permissible)
  4. Issue an approved Maryland work permit

Take the approved Maryland work permit to the employer. Students cannot begin working until the employer has the approved Maryland work permit

Community Service Hours

Public schools require students have community service hours in order to graduate high school – so for anyone thinking this might be a possibility in their child’s future, it is a good practice to keep track of those hours.  FSP does not require homeschooled students to prove evidence of service.  However, we have seen students keeping good account of their service hours to help them gain admission into a particular college, for scholarship purposes, creating resumes and references for employment, or to help award extra curricular credit on the high school transcript for service such as a classroom teacher’s aide.

You can track these hours in any manner you chose, but the FSP office has also provided a Community Service Form that can be used to track hours, activities, and get feedback from a supervising person in the service activity.